Potential diversion titles

The library at Simmons has a special borrowing collection called the Diversion Collection. The idea behind the collection is that the library should not only provide the necessary support for academic research but it can supply a few fun reads for students and staff. The Diversion Committee convenes every semester and chooses about 90 books per semester to add to the collection. Everyone on the council gets to suggest about 9 book to add to the collection. In preparation for the coming semester, I've listed the titles I am thinking about submitting to the collection:

As you can see there are quite a few titles on this list, so I'll need to start narrowing it down to a select 9. Feel free to add any additional titles to the comments.



Blogger Will, Sue & Anders said...

I have preordered the Stephenson and in the meantime I will be consuming the rest of Richard k. Morgans work in between diaper changes.

11:50 AM  

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