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This blog for me is more of my personal sandbox to try different things out. I don't see this as my soapbox where I can flex some imagined journalistic skills. Nor do I see this as my private journal that's open to everyone. I think those are the two main reasons people blog and I'm not really here for either of those reasons. I'm hear to see what you can post on this platform and how difficult/ time-consuming it is to post different things in this format.

The purpose of this post is to see how well a post on new titles works on a blog. Listed below are the new titles that our School of Management ordered for the Fall semester. On Monday I'll be downloading the bibliographic records from OCLC, updating OCLC to say our library has these books (you know for ILL and general searches in Worldcat), and setting up orders for the book. Before I do that I also wanted to take the list and post it in a blog format to see:
  1. how much work it would take to write this post
  2. how useful it is to have the information gathered in one place
  3. if this would work as some form of marketing that collection services could provide to the selectors
  4. the benefits of having this list in electronic form with links for others to purchase
  5. to see if I'm missing any other benefits of putting this kind of information online for anyone to find

If this isn't too much work and seems to have value I might start posting more lists of new titles that I am ordering for our library.

So here's the list of titles that you will be able to borrow from the Simmons School of Management Library at the beginning of the Fall 2008 semester.

Reference Titles



Blogger Fidel Guajardo said...

I would add "Here Comes Everybody" by Clay Shirky. It is a very fascinating analysis of today's social media phenomena. I also invite you to check out my blog at http://mytechneeds.wordpress.com

2:38 PM  
Anonymous Erika Andersen said...

John -

Well, here's one thing that happened: my google search for Growing Great Employees turned up your blog tonight (I do a "past week" search about once week, just to see what's up).

I'm thrilled that your School of Management has ordered my book! (And the URL for my blog is below, in case you're interested.)

Erika Andersen

11:08 PM  

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