Victorian Pub weekly is back!!

It's been a few months, but there are still decades of Publishers Weekly waiting for me downstairs. Let's resume the review.

Again, all of this is real and from the pages of Publishers Weekly from the late 19th/ Early 20th Century.

This week- Publishers Weekly, June 16, 1900 [No. 1481]


"HILDA WADE," it appears is not the only unpublished novel left by Grant Allen. There is another, entitled "The Linnet," which is said to contain some graceful love making, with the Tyrol for a background.

DOUBLEDAY, PAGE, & CO. have in press a volume entitled "The Lawyer's Alcove," a collection of "poems by the lawyer, for the lawyer, about the lawyer," edited by Ina Russelle Warren, with an introduction by Chauncey M. Depew.

P. BLACKISTON'S SON & CO., of Philadelphia, have secured the balance of the edition of "American Spiders and Their Spinning Work," by Rev. Henry C. McCook, Vice President of the Academy of Natural Sciences, Philadelphia. This work contains a large number of colored illustrations and is a standard among entomologists.

R.H. RUSSELL announces a new book by L. Frank Baum, whose "Father Goose," of last year, had such an encouraging reception. The book will be entitled "A New Wonderland," in which the author will introduce his young readers to a new and charming country. Frank Ver Beck has made a number of colored pictures for the book, which will be gotten up in a very attractive style. Mr. Russell has decided to postpone until the fall the publication of Ver Beck's new book of burlesque drawings entitled, "A Handbook of Golf for Bears."


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