This is a description?!

Subject matter aside, I just ordered a copy of Paul Ruditis's Rainbow Party for the library, and what struck me was the brief description in Worldcat:

Rainbow parties. Are they real? Who's going? Gin and Sandy-one's been with all the guys, one's terrified of them. It's Gin's party: she invited everyone. Alison-President of the celibacy club. What's she thinkin? Hunter and Perry-friends...with benefits. Jade-hanging on to it for the right guy. Skye and Rod-totally doing it, totally curious. Vi-Skye's best friend who has it for Rod. The party could change everything. Rusty and Brick-one thinks he's a playah. One's built like it. Neither's getting any. Ash and Rose-the class couple, not ready yet. So why are they going?

I want to believe the book is either a realistic look at teens exploring sexuality or an exploitative look at teens, but the description makes it sound like a naughty Sweet Valley High with bad grammar.

I'm sure I'm late to the party on this one (bad cliché intended) since Oprah had a special on this and the myth has been discredited, but this description is so bad it needed a comment.


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