No. 1639 June 27, 1903

While perusing the Publishers Weekly shelves for material, it struck me that almost every year I picked up published on June 27th. Coincidence?

Most of the news wasn't worth reporting (again), but I found some interesting tidbits from 1903.

So, here we go, some publishing news from Publishers Weekly, June 27th, 1903 [No. 1639]:


THE AINSLEE PUBLISHING COMPANY, New York, have just published a new novel by edgar Saltus, entitled "Purple and Fine Women."

It may be necessary or not to pass the word along to the careless author who left a mysterious manuscript of a historical novel of the seventeenth century period, packed in a red box, at John Lane's London office, omitting to leave his address, that if he will but communicate with the "anxious publisher" he will hear something to his advantage.

A.C. MCCLURG & Co. are making arrangements to bring out during the autumn, in portfolio form, reproductions of some of the delightful sketches of girls' heads, drawn in red chalk and charcoal, by Miss Hazel Martyn, a well-known Chicago society woman. these sketched when exhibited this spring won great praise from the professional critics for their clever and original treatment.

CLEOPAS KUNENE, of Natal, South Africa, has applied to Doubleday, Page & co. for permission to translate Booker T. Washington's autobiography, "Up from Slavery,' into the Zulu language for the benefit of those who read the language and are trying to better the condition of the masses of their countrymen, who, the author says, "are still lolling and weltering in darkness and ignorance and poverty."

ALBERT F. BROWN, a clerk in the employ of Charles Scribner's Sons, was arrested on June 23, charged with stealing books. According to the police, he confessed that he had been taking books for the last five weeks. He said that he got into fast company soon after his arrival in this city, about six weeks ago, and needed money to "keep his end up." he then began taking a few books at a time, which he easily disposed of.

H.M. CALDWELL COMPANY will publish shortly a little book with the catchy title, "Reflections of the Morning After," which will contain clever maxims, epigrams, and sayings appealing to the gentler sex as well as to club men. . .


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