Follow-up to MARC, OPACs, and Podcasts

  1. It's going to be a topic of discussion on Uncontrolled Vocabulary tonight! I'm teaching my last e-Pub class at Emerson tonight so I'm going to be in class or on the T for most of the broadcast. I'll have to download it and listen tomorrow to hear the group's sage advice.

  2. Laurie Sabol at the Tisch Library at Tuft University sent out a post to several listsevs today asking for others who have had discussions about the pros and cons of cataloging podcasts to share their decisions and discussions. I received the post from fellow librarians who saw it through the ACRL-NEC News mailing list.

  3. And I've started original cataloging on the first podcast in the GSLIS series. Not only is a podcast, but it has a PDF of a Powerpoint as well (can you say subfield e in a MARC 300 field with a bunch of notes?)


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