Housekeeping, March 24th, 1900

Yes sir, it's Monday, time to see what Publishers Weekly was reporting on 108 years ago today.

For those playing along at home, the articles below are from issue no. 1469.


R.D. BLACKMORE left instructions in his will that no biography or memoir of him was to be published.

MRS. FRANCES HODGSON BURNETT was married to Stephen Townsend, in London, on the 14th inst. The bridegroom is a son of the late Rev. George Tyler Townsend, once chaplain to the Duke of Northumberland, and also to the Bishop of Tasmania. He is a physician, and has won the degree of Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons, but never cared for this profession, and several years ago abandoned it for the stage.


HORACE S. RIDINGS, of J.B. Lippincott Co., will sail for England on the 28th inst. by the Teutonic.

EX-QUEEN LILIUOKALANI, the former ruler of the Hawaiian Islands, has published for private circulation a book entitled "The Hawaiian Traditions of the Creation."

HARPER & BROTHERS will publish on the 28th inst. under the title of "Woman and Artist," an amusing tale , by Max O'Rell, (Paul Blouet,) of a London artist who invents a rifle which he attempts to sell to both the French and Russian governments. Some amusing complications ensue.

COLONEL G.B.M. HARVEY, the director of the affairs of Harper & Brothers, sailed for Europe on the 21st inst. He will be gone five weeks, and all the time of his stay in Europe will be spent in London and Paris. In these cities Harper & Brothers have branch houses-- that is Paris have recently opened, the London branch of long standing and large business. Te publishing company maintains a complete organization in both these cities, and it is to get a thorough knowledge, both of the business and the organization, that Col. Harvey will make this visit. While abroad Col. Harvey will cast out lines for writers for the several Harpers publications.


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