Dear used booksellers of America,

Saran Wrap is not an effective method of packing your books. Saran Wrap does not magically protect the book the same way that bubble-wrap protects books. It does not count as anything other than annoying and wasteful when I receive a book that has 5 layers of the stuff wrapped around a book. I don't understand why you continue to be such cheap bastards who refuse to purchase some more effective protection when mailing books to people. Please stop.

Really just stop.

I mean how much time does it take to wrap that book that way? And I can only imagine Saran Wrap in the kitchen. Is that where you wrap your books? A Pall Mall dangling from your lips (I can smell the tobacco on the book) and a roll of Saran Wrap in your hand staring down at the next book to be shipped out? Please I don't want to think about the books I have to process as being in any way related to the leftover casserole in your fridge. but both are wrapped in the same stuff on the same counter.

You need to go to the UPS store or Staples and buy some bubble-wrap. At least for those packages you send to the library.


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