What's in a name?

Lolita Midsleeper Combi

It's not everyday that furniture manufacturers use literature to name their product lines, and that seems to upset some parents. Silly parents, the furniture won't act like some kind of osmotic Cliff Notes, your child will still need to read Nabokov to know how to act like Loli.

I think I'm more upset about this quote than I am about the unfortunate decision to name some furniture after a fictional character- "Am I being particularly sensitive, or does anyone else out there think it’s bad taste for Woolies to have a kiddy bed range named ‘Lolita’?"

Woolies? Maybe if you stopped abbreviating everything to make it sound cute. . .

If only Ikea started a line based on famous literary characters. Sign me up for the Raskolnikov night stand and the Anna Karenina wardrobe.

They could always rename the furniture as the Naomi midsleeper combi, at least that way most parents wouldn't even have a clue. . .

And now I'm sure I've doomed myself to countless hits from less-than-reputible Humbert Humberts.

Quick someone call Chris Hansen.


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