Monday, Monday

That means time for news reports from long ago . . .

This time we'll be quoting from the Feb 29, 1896

HENRY HOLT & Co. announce "Emma Lou, Her book," edited by Mis Mary M Mears. It is the diary, during her sixteenth year, of an ingenious Western girl, who by her highly serious and lofty views of life supplies an unconscious element of humor.

MR. AUSTIN, assistant librarian, in cataloguing the fine Dante collection presented to Cornell University b Prof. Willard Fiske, found some live bookworms in an edition of the "Divine Comedy" bearing the date MDXXXVI. "This is the third time only," according to the New York Evening Post, "that these rare insects have been found in an American library. Carefully removing the worms, which were eating from front to back, and had only reached the front pages of the 'Inferno,' Mr. Austin took them to Prof. Comstock of the entomological department. There, after making sure that they were genuine bookworms, they were developed, and, having secured the beetles, they were bred from until there were sufficient eggs, bookworms and beetles for the university museum, and enough more to make Mr. Austin a present of a good-sized vial of each."

And on the news that Reed Elsevier is looking to sell Reed Information and that our beloved Publishers Weekly may go completely online. . . we will accept it as rumor until we hear otherwise.

Until next week. . .


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