Words of Comfort

While looking for news of the day from 2 centuries ago, I found this little tidbit.

From Publishers Weekly #1043, January 23, 1892:


Napoleaon Bonaparte, when a poor lieutenant took the agency for a work entitled "L'Histoire de la Revolution." in the foyer of the great palace of the Louvre can be seen to-day the great emperor's canvassing outfit with the long list of subscribers he secured.

George Washington, when young canvassed around Alexandria, Va., and sold over 200 copies of a work entitled "Bydell's American Savage."

Mark Twain was a book agent.

Longfellow sold books by subscription.

Jay Gould, when starting in life, was a canvasser.

Daniel Webster paid his second term's tuition at Dartmouth by handling "De Tocqueville's America," in Merrimac County, New Hampshire.

General U. S. Grant canvassed for "Irving's Columbus."

Rutherford B. Hayes canvassed for "Baxter's saints' Rest."

James G. Blaine began life as a canvasser for a "Life of Henry Clay."

Bismark, when at Heidelberg, spent a vacation canvassing for one of Blumenbach's handbooks.

(Imagine the above read by Sam Elliott and you have your inspiration of the week.)



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