Still surfing?

As it's the first of the year and I'm trying to clean up my Google reader (reread the starred stuff and either transferring it to my del.icio.us page or deleting it) I have organization on the mind.

So this little bit from Ryan Holiday stuck out from this post:

Here a general rule of thumb – The 70% Surfing Rule: if you surf vs. subscribe, assume you will spend at least 70% of your online time consuming interesting instead of actionable information, and 70% of the time, you won’t return to the task you initially set out to complete.

For anyone who relies on RSS readers and del.icio.us to keep moving, there are some good reinforcements and reminders on how to use these tools. Ryan also breaks down Stumbled Upon for anyone interested. I'll stick to my RSS feeds and del.icio.us.

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