Amy Winehouse smoked some FRBR too!

First off, this post by Karen Schneider sums up my brain for the past two days. She merges the latest ear-worm to take up residence in my head with FRBR, something I've been trying to really understand before the semester starts (I received 2 books on FRBR for the library that will be used as reference in my class this spring. So I know I'm going to be dealing with it more and more in the next few months). I actually ended up using the FRBR description of the Work entity in my rights class as an analogy to help understand the publisher's place in the creation of a published work. (I'm sorry class that was very wrong of me, but it was the only way I could visualize things at that point in time.)

Is it wrong that I've started to filter things through LS concepts?

For those of you who are reading this because you saw or searched FRBR. Stop go to The Free Range Librarian and read the post already. Don't for get to click on the link to Dan Chudnov.


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