Frustration and blogs

So I was going to blog about this article from Robert Gray when it appeared in the Shelf Awareness newsletter last Tuesday, but I completely forgot why it was so interesting. . . .


I guess that's what comes from having a newsletter that refers to site before said site has updated the articles.

I will leave with this quote from the article on why bookstores may want to make a blog. Good advice for libraries as well:
If someone who had never been to your store called you (or emailed you) and asked why they should shop your store rather than buying a book at Barnes & Noble or even Wal-Mart, what would you tell them? No, no, not the four-letter expletive, I mean what makes your store YOUR store? What makes you get up in the morning and do the often thankless job of bookselling? Okay, that answer? That's your blog. That's your direction. Every bookstore is unique, and all that uniqueness makes for an interesting read. Whether it's fascinating to you writing it or not is really secondary. The things we view as mundane can be, to others, the most interesting stuff in the world.


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