Holy Statistics, Publisher-Man!

Did you know. . . .

-70% of the books published do not earn out their advance.
(Jerrold Jenkins, http://www.JenkinsGroup.com)

-A TV movie will be seen by 3-million people and will sell more books than a screen film.
(Andy Cohen, Maui Writers Conference, GradeAProd@aol.com)

from a long list of publishing "statistics" posted on Para Publishing

(originally found on Boingboing via kottke)

I haven't really had a chance to look through all the statistics (there's a lot) to judge their value, but I do know that his statistics on returns are out-of-date and somewhat inaccurate, but these are the same sources everyone else in publishing is using. So, these statistics are really telling on how the marketplace views itself more than how the business of books is run.


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