The Return of Evel Kneivel (Did he ever leave?)

Two run-ins with Evel Knievel today! There's gotta be some kinda cultural subconscious need for the man to return and save us all.

You might have said, "Yes. I know of this strange affection for the stunt-driver known as Evel Kneivel. I have seen the latest Kanye West video for "Touch the Sky" with that wonderful actress Pamela Anderson. And I noticed that the Evel Knievel toy was # 47 on VH1's I Love Toys. Oh that Luis Guzman!"

But that's not what I'm talking about.

I was reading through a free copy of a toy magazine today at work and I noticed that they have started production on the Evel Kneivel toy yet again for this Christmas. And I found this article from the artist Coop on Boing Boing.

(Coincidentally, in the same magazine I noticed that someone is making a Gerald McBoing Boing Game.)


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