Google Books next step

So, according to Publishers Weekly Google will be offering an e-book plan to publishers.

For most in the industry this probably wasn't a surprise. It is the next logical step after the Google Book Program- to allow all publishers a venue where they can sell e-books. Amazon's upgrade program, which has yet to be announced/ released, will do the same thing.

Add to these services the new batch of e-book readers and table PCs coming out on the market.
The E-book revolution is here (again).

Will people actually start reading e-books in massive numbers? Will the market finally explode?

Hey, did you hear Amazon is courting TV and movie studios to have online video content at Amazon.com?

Oh also, Sony, the company that's making the next generation of e-book readers, just so happens to be the same company that thought a rootkit would be a great addition to their DRM tools.

Oh yeah, I forgot, did you see the new Google reader that they've launched for RSS feeds? It's on their lab page. Every day I find something new from Google that they're working on and everything is in Beta. What will be released? When? Where are they focusing their attention? (Not that I'm complaining- I'm happy to try most anything Google launches and the Book Program has come in handy more than once for me when I needed to look something up and didn't have a copy of the book on hand.)

Yup, I'll stick to going to the library for now. I love the smell of printed paper in the morning.


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