Soundtrack for Kinshu by Teru Miyamoto

Kinshu is a "lyrical novel in letters" from Teru Miyamoto. New Directions has just released the first translation of his work by Roger K. Thomas. The novel was originally released in 1982 with this translation appearing in 2005. The story is set in a series of letters between a divorced man and wife who had a chance meeting at a vacation spot. See my 100 word review for a better sense of the book.

This soundtrack is more instructive than complementary and involves 2 of Mozart's symphonies. I suggest buying a middle-of-the-road recording for this particular translation. No need to knock yourself out with the definitive recording since the subtleties aren't necessary since the symphonies are there to reflect the psyches of Aki and Yasuaki, the 2 main characters.

1) Symphony 41 (Jupiter Symphony)- Mozart
2) Symphony 39- Mozart


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