New book review format

Sigh, you start something with the best of intention and then 3 months later you realize you haven't written a review and the galley of Tulia by Nate Blakeslee is still sitting by your computer and the New York Time Book Review has even gotten the jump on you and put it in their 100 Notable Books of 2005. So due to the rapid consumption of literature (and by which I mean that which is written and gathered in book form and sold in book stores or previewed at libraries, but does not necessarily have literary value) and the shorter amount of time left in the day to dedicate to writing a review, I will henceforth dispense with the 100 word review for most books. If there should arise such a work that deserves more attention then I will devote more space to it. But in the past month I have not come across a book worth more attention than 100 words. If you are an actual reader (and still check back even though I haven't updated in some time) be patient just a little longer and you will have a review of not only Tulia, but Kinshu, a newly translated novel from 1980's Japan, Animals in Translation, The Bones of the Earth, Off Main Street, and maybe even some new soundtracks for Fargo Rock City and the much delayed one for Etgar Keret. Who knows what 2006 will bring (well I know in February there's another show I need to have pieces ready for so that trumps reviews for right now).


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