Mad Max Perkins is the real JT Leroy

As part of the ongoing series of dramatic reveals of authors-that-no-one-really-cares-about-except-those-inside-the-industry, Pub. Daily reports on Mad Max's true identity: Dan Conaway.

you can read all about it here or go to galleycat's entry where she does the research to identify him.

2 things I want to point out- what great publicity for the book DOPE. There's the urge from an editor for people to read his book, the unmasking of this mysterious man to create buzz about the book since he sacrificed his identity for this book, and now there's the articles about the blog that came out for DOPE. If the book fails, I hope they make news by saying that Dan Conaway wasn't really Mad Max Perkins, but knows who he is and bought the website so that he could introduce a book he believes people should read (as opposed to those books editors buy and work on that they don't believe people should read).

The second thing is Simon Lipskar's comment: "Mad Max's blog put a lie to the widely-held belief out there that publishers are filled with number-crunching technocrats who couldn't give a damn about books." I think it speaks worlds for why this INDUSTRY is in the shape it's in.


Time to order my "I'm the Real JT Leroy T-shirt" if I can still find one.


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