Book Soundtracks- The Bus Driver Who Wanted to be God

Ready to dip in to some short fiction from one of Israel's favorite young writers- Etgar Keret? Don't forget that soundtrack!

1) Highway to Hell- AC/DC track 1 from Highway to Hell
2) Miss America- Styx track 5 from The Grand Illusion
3) Shilo- Neil Diamond track 7 from The Greatest Hits
4) Bullet The Blue Sky- U2 track 4 from The Joshua Tree
5) Brown Eyed Girl- Van Morrison track 1 from Blowin' Your Mind
6) The Boxer- Simon and Garfunkel track 6 from Bridge Over Trouble Water
7) Eve of Destruction- Barry McGuire track 18 from Anthology
8) Tainted Love- Marilyn Manson track 1 from Not Another Teen Movie Soundtrack
9) Trash- New York Dolls track 6 from New York Dolls
10) Ballroom Blitz- Sweet track 1 from Desolation Boulevard
11) The Passenger-Iggy Pop track 4 from Lust for Life
12) Quicksand- David Bowie track 6 from Hunky Dory
13) Daw Da Hiya- Ofra Haza track 6 from Kirta
14) Wish You Were Here- Rasputina track 2 from The Lost and Found
15) Ruby's Arms- Tom Waits track 12 from Heartattack and Vine
16) 7 O'Clock News/ silent Night- Simon and Garfunkel track 12 from Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

Yah, the book reminded me of the movies Harold and Maude and The Graduate for some reason, so there's the reasoning behind the soundtrack.


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