Thank you Centre Street Cafe

Not many posts lately due to the Frankfurt Bookfair, but this deviation is worth it. Thank you Centre Street Cafe for giving us one of the best brunch experiences ever.

For the past 6 years we've been going to Centre Street Cafe whenever we desired the most amazing brunch that will last until Monday. Since we've moved we haven't had the ambition to make the trek back to JP. Well we were rewarded today. We were allowed the super secret table downstairs. What's that you say, a secret dining area? Yes, it was the prep area downstairs where a special table for 2 was set up. We dined among the biscuits and produce set for dinner. We had a personal carafe of coffee and a view of mixers, pots, pans and walk-in freezers. It was a private dining room with our own special music- (98.7 playing the scariest songs ever.) For all you fans of Lady and the Tramp, you couldn't get much closer (and with a "scary" single from Michael Bolton, the ambience was perfect). The best part was that we were given a little special treatment from the staff and even got to cut the line. It was one of the best times we've had there. And the Biscuits are Gravy were perfect this morning.


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