Why Don't Books have Soundtracks?

So, I'm in the middle of Can't Stop Won't Stop and I've had the ingenious idea of making a podcast for the book. I know I can't be the only one who's come up with this idea. Sure, our marketing department has sent out albums to reps for some of the "making of" books. But the marketing synergy on that is given a specific title and a specific album. A one-to-one relationship. I'm talking about a special mix of songs that are mentioned in the book. For example, On Can't Stop, Won't Stop the podcast or mix would have some Delroy Wilson, some Grandmaster Flash, "Rapper's Delight," etc. It seems to me that with technology as it is now, this idea may finally be able to see the light of day. This would have been really helpful on Never Mind the Pollocks, Britpop, titles from Nick Toshes...
Anyway, just a thought that maybe I'll return to or maybe some day I will find the website that does this for me.


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