Meet the Lethems

A week ago Boing Boing posted word that Jonathan Lethem received a MacArthur Grant and I didn't think much of it. I read Fortress of Solitude and Men and Cartoons after his year as guest editor of the Da Capo Best Music Book in 2002. It seemed like an odd choice, but then again I don't keep tabs on everyone who receives these grants and for all I know authors of the same caliber with the same size backlist may have already received their MacArthur. No disrespect here. I liked the books; they were fun reads (well, there were parts of Fortress that seemed to drag). I'm just saying it was a news post on Boing Boing. I read it and moved on.

But earlier this week I was catching up on back posts of Wooster and they had a link to this. Take a gander at the first story on Blake Lethem.

I think there's a story in this. Oh, wait. . .


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