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Both have generated more occurences in my life than usual this week. Maybe I am more aware of them because of The Surreal Life and finishing Turn Me On, Dead Man by Andru Reeve. But it seems that no matter where I turn I run into something that references the Beatles or Bowling. Just something to keep in mind while watching the TV and going out on the town.

Also, someone has some explaining to do about Journey. Also seen here. (as linked on TVtattle.)


Anonymous Andru said...

Hi! So what do you think of my book? Where did you hear about it? Thanks for reading! ---- Andru Reeve

12:24 AM  
Blogger john said...

I really liked the book. It was the first Beatles book I've seen than was unique. Everything else out there seems to be about one's personal time with The Beatles. You actually had something culturally important to say. I've always been fascinated by the Paul is Dead phenomenon. I've always like the Urban Legends that form up around musicians- Elvis, Buddy Bolden, etc. The index on clues was one of the strangest lists I've read in a long time.

I actually received the book from a friend who found it somewhere and knew of my obsession with dead rock stars. He thought I would enjoy the book. I've since passed it on to a co-worker.

6:03 PM  
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