Baseball cards

The bad Karma of my last post has been making me feel uneasy (well that or the 96 degree heat) and I just don't want it as my first post. Still believe what I said, but I wanted something happier to greet me. So, here are some unique sounding project from Lunch Weekly.
  • The Card: The Multimillion Dollar Story of History's Most Desired Baseball Card, by NY Daily News reporters Michael O'Keeffe and Teri Thompson'. LW described as a narrative history of the Honus Wagner T206 card. I love a good book that explores the mythology of pop culture.
  • Susan DePhillips's Bitch in the Office. Another in Adams Media's new line of book. This one will explore the antagonistic relationships that can develop among women competing in the workplace. Why? I'm not sure but it sounds like it could be a fun business/ culture read.
  • And I would be remiss not to mention Skymaul: Happy Crap You Can Buy From a Plane from Kasper Hauser Comedy Group. This one should be self-explanatory and perfect for those days when we really want a Mad Magazine.
Okay, I feel better now.


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