So this is what I should be doing

"If you were to assume that many experts use their information to your detriment, you'd be right. Experts depend on the fact that you don't have the information they do. Or that at least you are so befuddled by the complexity of the operation that you wouldn't know what to do with the information once you had it."- from Freakonomics by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

...and that's why there's publishing. Well, non-fction publishing.

While reading Freakonomics over the weekend, this particular quote caught me and I thought it perfect for the publishing industry. Yes, we publish books and seek out writers to help destroy the information asymmetry on other fields. But the industy in general has kept the key information on how the whole system works. Or we make it so expensive as to scare away others interested in learning more.
For example:

Yearly Subscription to Publishers Weekly= $225.00
Yearly subscription to Books in Print= $799.00 for print book
Yearly subscription to Literary Market Place= $399
Yearly subscription to Bacon's Newspaper/ Magazine Directory= $395.00
Cost of Book Industry TRENDS 2005= $750 non-member, $100, member

Of course, you don't need all of those resources, but they are the most helpful.

So there you have it. A renewed mission to help others break through the confusion, and yet make sure they can't figure it out for themselves.


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