Ooooh, Leaf Books

Ever since reading about leaf books a year ago, I've been intrigued by the whole concept of bibliophiles destroying an old book solely to make a special edition of another book that focuses on how important the first book (the destroyed book) was in the grand scheme of history. I place this type of book as one of the purest and least adulterated froms of book publishing out there. When the whole point of the publishing venture is to make a book out of an essay about another book and include a leaf of the book of imporatance and then charge a lot more money because it contains a tipped in page of said book, how can you not be amazed when people buy it?

So now, I hear that Oak Knoll Press (the press of true bibliophiles, and one of the few good things in Delaware) is having their Oak Knoll Fest XII in October and the focus of the fest is on the importance of Leaf Books. It's doubly meta- a symposium on the importance of a type of book created to showcase the importance of another book that you can't read because it's too rare. And now I get to add another layer to this literary onion by blogging about the symposium. Let's keep it going!


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