Lit Blogger could be the next Oprah!

Okay it's not the best carry-away point from this recent Guardian Unlimited article, but as long as we are trafficing in hyperboles, why not. I'm so glad the media has a new set of bloggers to become their new savior of (insert subject here). At work I have a nice file of press clippings for Rebecca Blood fro mthese same people and we all remember a year ago how the political bloggers were going to save the election. oh how fickle the media can be! Oh well, let them move on to lit blogs and how The Historian and Harry Potter will save us all! (Because I'm really lazy- I ask you to go type "Next" "Da" "Vinci" "Code" and "Historian" in Google to see all the hype.)

A really important point that needs to be made regardless of whether you think blogging can save publishing by creating a best-seller or if you're still trying to figure out who these people e-mailing you for review copies are. is that the traditional outlets for book reviews are drying up right quick. I remember when the Boston Phoenix actually covered books. Now they have exactly the same number of book reviews as they do video game reviews every week. Now that the Boston Herald pretty much did away with their book review department, it makes perfect sense that publicists are on the prowl for new avenues of reviews. It's not like the trades are expanding their review section and the publishers certainly aren't publishing fewer books. The good publicist will know to send galleys to lit bloggers. The great publicist (and savvy author) will put the time in to develop relationships with the right sites that will offer the mention and/or review that will reach the right readers.

(And for you good publicists out there please e-mail me at infoATguttertype.com and I will give you my secret special galley address. All books received will be reviewed by guttertype.)


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