It's funny and it's the acquiring editor's fault.

blagg blogg: But I Wanna Book Deal, Too!

Long, long ago I remember a race to get a book on blogging out. Dreams of cluetrain danced in a young editor's head. Kottke, Hourihan, Haughey, Blood, Doctorow, Powazek, Barrett, you know the roll call. And when I did publish that blogging book it was a damned fine blogging book by a damn fine blogger. Now I open up my Publishers Weekly and dread the review containing "based on their popular blog." What have we wrought upon this world?

Blagg Blog has a nice list, but they forgot my favorite book from blog.

(I know I'm as guilty as any other editor at a trade house today. I know that if it seemed like we could get the book in the chains in good numbers, I would make a push to acquire it. "Just a little more." "One more time." "It'll be okay. This is the last one." You know the lies you tell youself- "Look, here's an online columnist- they could be the next Emily Post and her books sell." But I'm in subsidiary sales now- clean and sober all of 2 years. I can't go back to living that way.
I hope that they have agents selling the options on a movie. I'll be first in line to see our Singles by Cameron Crowe. The one that takes place in San Fran in the late 90s when people stay up all night IM'ing each other instead of really talking and they work all day on code only to come home and work on more code. They could make a Blogger office to look like Ben Stiller's office from Reality Bites. I mean it is an adaptation after all and we gotta give the kids something. But I digress. maybe at this week's editorial meeting someone will have the latest blogging phenomenon. Hey what is the latest blogging phenomenon?)


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